Thank you for attending!

DATA Hackathon 2022 is over. Report from the event can be found here:

Data Hackathon took over the patronage of:

President of the Slovak republic Zuzana Čaputová
Government Research Office of the Slovak Republic (ISA)

  • The aim of the event is to make working with data easier for social science professionals who do not have data-science and IT skills.
  • You'll be able to propose your own solution, or be part of a team solution - with the opportunity to consult with experienced experts.
  • You will learn more about how society holds together, when it falls apart, and what troubles our countries most on this issue - such as co-operation, war, and lack trust.
  • There are no limits to ideas. Long-term sustainable, modular and scalable solutions are preferred.

Challenge 1:

Suggest ways to visualize data - clearly and intuitively. The World Value Survey, European Value Study, Eurobarometer and SAV's "How are you Slovakia" series will be available

Challenge 1. has three goals:

  • data visualisation on the map
  • visualisation of the correlation of two indicators
  • visualization in time

In this challenge, you can also bring your own creative way of visualizing the data - there are no limits to creativity!

Challenge 2:

Design a way to make the datasets described above work together so that:

  • the data in them can be compared with each other
  • they are easily searchable

In both challenges, it is important to keep in mind that the goal is to make the solution usable by anyone without a technical background/skills (even a civil servant, an academic, a journalist, or someone interested in social cohesion).

Information regarding used datasets and hackathon projects are on github:

Who can register?

  • Registration is open to teams of students and professionals in the fields of data science, programming, design, and more
  • A maximum of 50 participants will be selected for the hackathon.

🦾 the task is to create a digital tool to work with different datasets, previous experience working with data is an advantage
👩🏼‍💻👨🏻‍💻 a good team is made up of tech people, data geeks, and others (~5 people in the team). 

You can register together with your team or as an individual.

What can you get?

  • The best ideas will be put into practice in universities and ministries
  • Authors of the best solutions will receive funding for the implementation and will have the opportunity to work on putting it into practice
  • You'll gain an insight into unique dataset analysing the weaknesses of the state, the level of trust in institutions, and the issues that concern people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Saturday 3. 9. and Sunday 4. 9. 2022

Kick off:
10:00 am

Coworking City,
Staromestská 3,Bratislava

Help us visualize unique data and streamline the entire system with us. Come to DATA HACKATHON - Data for Social Stability.

Why do we do this?

Our countries - Slovakia and the Czech Republic - have had a problem for a long time - our mutual trust and ability to cooperate, the so-called "social cohesion", is breaking down. Cohesion is what holds society together. When it is low, we help each other less, we are less able to cope with crises, we find it harder to agree and we grow richer more slowly. At worst, low cohesion will cause society to crumble under the weight of its own mistrust, strife and frustration. In our part of Europe, it has been falling for 30 years.

Today, we are experiencing at once a receding pandemic and an emerging combination of massive food and energy prices and war in Ukraine. A new wave of refugee crisis is expected this winter, as many African countries are dependent on grain and food from Ukraine and Russia. This crisis will be difficult and there is no guarantee that next year will be any better.

It is time to get serious about cohesion and related issues, because the survival of the society to which we are accustomed - such as sufficient food or physical security - are a civilisational achievement, not a guaranteed certainty.

That is why the DEKK Institute was created.

What we do

Nobody in Europe has a guaranteed recipe for doing this. Trust us - we asked. That's why, as a research institute, we work with some of the best universities in the world, like Cambridge and King's College London. We follow the motto: "First you need to know the reality, then look for ways to improve it". In a world as complex as the one we live in, intuitive solutions are no longer enough.

How to do it?

The first step is to collect the data and make it available to government and universities. The second is to find a way of visualizing and processing that is intuitive and clear even for the layman - otherwise even the best data will be left in the dust. Help us take the first steps towards ensuring that those whose job it is to research problems and those who decide on solutions have better tools to make more accurate decisions and thus make our country more efficient.

If we don't solve social problems by evolution and reform - they will solve themselves spontaneously.
By revolution and violence. 


DEKK Institute

Lermontovova 911/3,
811 05 Bratislava-Old Town
IČO: 53486234
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