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What we do

DEKK Institute is an independent research organization that was established in early 2020 at the initiative of several young scientists, students and humanitarian workers.

The motive was an interest in exploring society, and the shared experience of most participants from conflict environments, medical projects and refugee camps in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, where they taught the hard way two important things - a well-functioning society requires the care and peaceful personal commitment of its members, and despite many justified complains about the state of our society, we are still very lucky to live in Slovakia.

Coming to these realisations we want to do our part to keep it that way.

Team members

Pavol Kosnáč


Hugo Gloss

Chief Operations Officer

Dagmar Wikarská


Veronika Cigáneková

Operations Manager & Junior Analyst

Nikola Gajdošová

Digital Marketing Manager

Ján Pastorek

Junior Researcher

DEKK Institute

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