World Value Survey Slovakia

Since its inception, the DEKK Institute has been implementing the World Value Survey (WVS) project as an integral part of its mission to better understand Slovak society. To fulfill that mission, we needed enough data. WVS, as the largest public opinion survey focused on the values ​​and beliefs of people in almost 100 countries around the world, is an ideal framework for collecting this data. It thus generates a comprehensive and complex dataset for the needs of the DEKK Institute, and at the same time contributes to international scientific cooperation through the contribution to the WVS comparative database, where the general and expert public has access to this data.

The WVS project in Slovakia also synergistically contributes to the DEKK flagship program Slovakia in Data, as in conjunction with the census conducted by the Slovak Statistical bureau every decade, it is one of the most in-depth surveys of Slovak society of its kind.

WVS collects data on a sample of 1200 respondents, using the random walk method collected through the "Face to Face" interviews. For the needs of a nuanced approach to the issue of social phenomena, it is one of the most representative methods that circumvent the methodological problems of online panels and call centers, while adhering to strict international standards under the terms of the World Value Survey Association.

WVS collects socio-demographic and economic data, data on religious and political beliefs, relations with state institutions and systems of government, moral values, the impact of globalization, attitudes towards the environment, work and employment, family, national identity, cultural issues, diversity and overall subjective life satisfaction.

Conducting WVS helps to return Slovakia to the data map of the world.

Slovakia in Data

DEKK Institute is dedicated to the design and implementation of comprehensive social scientific research. Our long-term vision is to understand the problem of disintegration and regeneration of social cohesion in Slovakia and in Europe, and the first step is a quality and comprehensive mapping of relevant social phenomena in society. Being at it, we will make our data available to representatives of the academy, government, civil society and the professional public in an easily accessible and intuitive way.

This is one of the reasons why the Slovakia in Data is the primary project of the DEKK Institute for the coming years. 

The project goal is to build a database of comprehensive social science data, which will be the one stop on the Internet for people engaged in social science research in Slovakia. The primary beneficiaries are scientists and scientific institutions, but the database is also open to government analysts, students, professionals and the general public.

We are aware that working with data is not a standard skill, so we decided to make available not only our own or third party obtained datasets, but to design a set of analytical tools that will make data accessible through a simple and intuitive user interface, where even a person without IT or Data analytics skill set can carry out basic analysis of data of interest, whether it is a simple visualization of data on the map of Slovakia, supplementing qualitative research with quantitative datasets, or tracing data correlations that can serve to obtain data for further, more qualitative research that can lead to verification of hypotheses or the noble endeavor of searching for causalities.

Basic access to the database and user interface of analytical toolbox is free, as it is part of the DEKK Institute's mission and our contribution to the development of science and making life easier for the professional public, as well as access of the general public and students to quality and comprehensive social scientific data.

We would also like to encourage any user of the database and analytical toolbox to contact us with any constructive criticism or, conversely, with the results of research in which our data and analytical tools have been used. Both would be appreciated.

In year 2021, the implementation of the DEKK project "Slovakia in Data" was supported as a project entitled "Slovakia in Data - Support for Civil Society and Democratic Institutions through Data Analysis" from the ACF - Slovakia program, which is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

Release date:

The launch of the basic interface and release of the database was completed by a student project made available in the summer of 2022. A professional, fully developed version of the tool is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.


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